The work of Indigenous artists needs to be understood through the clarifying lens of sovereignty and self-determination, not just in terms of assimilation, colonization and identity politics […] Sovereignty is the border that shifts Indigenous experience from victimized stance to a strategic one. — Jolene Rickard (2011, p. 478)

This section is in progress: the archive will contain works by r e a made between (1990 – 2016)

gins_leap / dubb_speak – multi-channel sensor driven, video and sound installation; completed in 2006.

This work as 6 edits and all resources that is part of the creative editing of this completed work –

  1. r e a,
  2. Maria,
  3. Sharmaine,
  4. Susan &
  5. 2 x transition edits and an individual sound-scape for each edit);

maang series – three-channel video + sound installation; created between 2006 – 2007.

This collection of works below also had individual sound-scapes for all –

  1. maang (blood)  – single channel work,
  2. maang (Why?)  – single channel work &
  3. maang (message stick) – three channel work;

garaarr (grass) – three-channel video + sound installation [individual sound-scapes] 2012.